My Talking Pet Mod Apk


My Talking Pet Apk is a small instrument for Android and iOS that lets you control your pets with your voice. In reality, it also has some advanced features such as a voice into text function which enables you to communicate with your pet over a wireless online connection. What's more, the program can be found in two variants - one which runs from your PC and one that may be used on virtually any smartphone or tablet computer running the Android OS.
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23 June 2021
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5.0 trở lên
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42.2 MB
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Are you the type of person who feels more secure and happy around pets rather than human beings? Are you searching for an app that can bring the feeling of family into the virtual world? Well, we think you are looking for an app just like My talking pet Mod apk. We all had imaginary conversations with our pets. Now, this would happen for real.

My talking pet Mod apk is the app that turns your pets into Twitty. Yes, you can talk to your virtual pet all day long. You would ask something, and without delay, they would start giving you replies. My talking pet enables you to make a video of the chatterbox to upload that on social media platforms.

My talking pet allows you to choose from many animals and customize their behavior. Also, you can change the voice of the pet from dogs to cats. You are allowed to add jars, glasses, mustaches, etc., to make them look funnier. You would experience the spectacular 3D animation, and also, you can make a meme out of the pictures. What else do you want from a single app? It is more than enough. Go for it once!

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Accessories incoming!! Crown your pet with regal glory. Snap them with their party hat. More than 20 hats, glasses, moustaches to choose from in this major update.

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