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HELLO NEIGHBOUR MOD APK is a game that is stitched with horror and thriller in it. Have you ever felt the adrenaline rush for all the wrong reasons? What if the reason was to sneak into the house of your shady looking neighbour?

What if you suspect him to be someone else and that suspect is turned into reality as you venture into his basement? HELLO NEIGHBOUR MOD APK makes it impossible for the gamers to win as this is a game against the time and also against an AI antagonist. If you too have weird fetishes like climbing into the window of your neighbour or breaking through their window then HELLO NEIGHBOUR MOD APK is absolutely the right game for you.

HELLO NEIGHBOUR MOD APK makes you feel relaxed just when you feel there is no danger to encounter any more, you step right into the bear trap. Or are you thinking that you will sneak out of the door and vanish into the thin air? Nah, Ai has other plans for you, you will be welcomed by the neighbour. Or the ever staring cameras that noticed your every move in the hallway. Will you run away before neighbour catches up with you before you get out?


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